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Monday, February 21, 2011

Attended the charity seminar yesterday, at Grand Aston City Hall.
with speakers Mr. Steve Sudjatmiko and Mr. Tommy Siawira.
This event is organized by DPD PATRIA Sumut (PATRIA is a theravada buddhist youth organization. If you want to know more about PATRIA, you can check at

Fortunately, I was also the committee of this event as a receptionist. I've become the committee of Seminar like this in Lampung (Well actually, I'm a PATRIA Lampung's member. But I moved to Medan, and also join here now), but it's my 1st time join the PATRIA Sumut's event, in cooperation with their members. Yess, I'm a part of them now.
There's something different between PATRIA Lampung and Sumut. Of course, here in Medan, the members are too many, and most of them are workers! But in Lampung, just a few, and many students are the members. So contrast, right! In Medan, everything is more organized and more formal.

I'm willing to join this event, although this week I have the block exams. Huaahh!
Because, I always adore the great motivators like them. It seems a shame to miss an opportunity to met 2 great peoples like them. They are very very amazing! They can speak fluently and their topics are not boring like my lecturers spoke in front of the class :). I like the way they deliver the topics. They are also very charismatic, and I was dazzled at them!
Remember that their age was much older than me, so I want to keep my respect, I can only admire them from afar. (Hhahaa, om-om loh!)

The 2 charismatic persons:
Mr. Steve Sudjatmiko and Mr. Tommy Siawira

Something like usual, motivators are always preach to us about success, how it could be. But a good lesson that I learned from them is,
"Cleverness is not enough to get a success!"
Yah I agree that!
A lot of smart peoples in this world, but not all of them are successful.
--->>> So, wants to be what the kind of person are you?

PS: Thanks to DPD PATRIA Sumut and DPC PATRIA Medan, who trusted me to follow this special event! Thanks, thanks, and THANKS!

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