Friday, January 21, 2011

Yaiyyy, had a fun holiday yesterday!

Went to Parapat, Lake Toba with Aryani Agiza, Iqbal Sirait, Aulia Suci, and Vivi, with a backpack each. Backpacking time! It's about 5 hours from Medan, and we went there by a bus, a very crowded bus. The only thing that's not fun of this trip is the BUS! I often see in TV that many bus with many hucksters hanging around on the bus. But I never have myself experienced about it before, and yesterdey I was! Hhahaaa. Also the driver, driving it very fast on the winding road. And as you know, beside of the road is the abyss. So scary!

I've ever been here before, when FKG's inauguration. And the view in Lake Toba is still very very amazing as before. What a beautiful lake! If you're a photographer, I recommend this place. You have to go here, and make some photo shoot.

So far, I enjoyed this holiday. Just 1 day, and not much that we can do. Sitting on the edge of lake, sharing and talking about anything of us. Hanging around, boat, cross the lake. We go to Samosir Island, especially Tomok area. There's our friend there, Faber Sidabutar. Yes of course we met him there. Visit the museum, etc. So poor, we can't watch 'Sigale-gale' Show, because of the time. Sigale-gale is something like puppet, that can be dancing.

PS: Another photos are in Iqbal's camera, but he haven't upload yet. Hmpph, maybe someday I'll post the photos! See you.

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