Not easy as turning your palm!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

My coach teach us about level of performance, how become a champion. And coincidence he gives an example about the 'big body'. Considering that I also in thinner program, I'm interested to post it here. First, he said,
"When I want to be a champion, then I have to thin down my body. Do you think it easy?
NO! It's not easy, guys!
The consequences are: you have to stop eating the delicious food, you have to do regular exercise, you should sleep enough, don't stay up anymore. It's very hard to become a champion, guys! "
It makes me realized that a good result must go through the hard struggle first. Second, he told us about mentality,
"We have to assume that our rival has the same power with us, not better and not worse! We are same! It's about mentality and it's all about how you defend it."
In fact, what I have done so far? Even I felt difficult to thin down my body!
Mental of champion? Still I have that?

Something that I learned today is: we cannot possibly find whatever we want suddenly fall from the sky. It's a BIG IMPOSSIBLE! But we can get it if there is willingness and determination. Be sure about that.

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