My home is so far!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Still have 1 week holiday! But I haven't anything to do.
What I can do is just sleep, read the novel, watching TV or DVD, doing sports, and also clean up the room. Huahhh, so boring!

A lot of my friends are already back to their hometown again after their KRS form is already done. And they leave me alone here, huahhuahh, I want to cry! I can't come back home, because my home is in Lampung, very far from Medan, and need the expensive cost. Impossible!
At least, I still have some friends here who will accompany me to go around. Like me and Ary yesterday, we went to Sun Plaza (the one of the biggest mall in Medan) to watched movie and each bought a cup of frozen yogurt!
We watched this film:

The Tourist
It has the unpredicted ending! Cool.

By the way 2 days ago, I got an accident. Actually it's not too severe, but excited enough, hhaaaha.
It happened when I was driving the motorcycle. I saw my friend and her boyfriend beside of me, and I said "HI" to them. But suddenly there was a car brake quickly in front of me, and finally there was that such unwanted accident! They help me to cool down my shock, really really shocked. I felt supple. And my motorcycle fender was broken because of that. Wahh GREAT!

So I need to repair my motorcycle (BEAT) tomorrow. I will bring it to the police insurance, and after that go to the service station. Hope it will be fixed!

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