Need more challenge!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Again, I fill this day with tennis activities at Bukit Kencana. For now, I don't know what else will make me better than this. Play point, drilling, volley, chop, groundstroke, and also laughing caused by gossips from them.

Maybe tomorrow I'll go to shopping with my sister, or someday hanging out with another friends from SDB or Fransib. It's not bad I think, I can enjoy this. But actually I really want to challenge anymore to get rid of this holiday's saturation, does anyone have?

--->>> Ohya a little late, we know that national team of Indonesian Football had been lose by Malaysia yesterday. I watched it together with Gauss friends at Grand Anugerah Resto last night. It's made us feel bad, right? So I hope tomorrow Indonesian team will be win and be the winner of AFF Cup 2010! Yaiyy, keep support them guys!

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