When the break time...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Now we know what to do when the break time! Sometimes when in college, time becomes erratic. When we have to lecture, and when to rest. Even we must waiting for a long time, for hours to have the lesson again. So, we should do something. Like we did yesterday,

Me, Indah, Yolanda, Mega, Valent, and Tere

Yess, webcam girls time!
We made some videos and took some pics, gossiped, laughed, snacked, slept, and anything what we want to do. In our base camp, my boarding house of course! Hahhaaa.

Actually I plan to slept alone before. But my friends blew it! They came to my boarding house (pretended surprise), and it be noisy. Huahh, so I can't sleep.

They planned to surprise me before. Ohh but I'm sorry, I can't be surprised because I already know it first. Hhahaha. And I ignorant them back! I went to Indomaret for a minute, and they waiting for me so long and boring! Hhahaa, cool am I? They can't ignorant me!

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