Attending an important event

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I like to attend many events. It gives the new experience and very useful for our knowledge.

Yesterday, I’ve attended Dies Natalis USU 2010. It’s an annual event to commemorate USU’s birthday. Many important placemen came there. Soldiers, governor, rector, lecturers.

A little boring I felt, because of the program that monotone. Speeches, greetings, ceremony, and also orchestra. But it’s very crowded! Largely new students of 2010 were there, from each faculties, wearing white and black clothes.

The yard full of flower board

------>>> Guess what! There was a new student from Lampung there! He is my elementary school’s friend. So, he chat with me at FB yesterday, and said,

“Dres, while in the auditorium, you go home first ya? I saw you.”

I really excited, finally there’s Lampungnesse in USU! Hahhaa. He is in pharmacy faculty. Good! So if someday I get a lesson about drugs, I would ask him. Heheee.

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