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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oke, from now on I’ll diet! Many peoples said I’m too fat, and my cheek becomes chubby. Hhuuaah huaaahh!

And yesterday morning I start to run at soccer field Unila. Actually I want really wake up the day, but I realized that I must move on. With a car I went there, brought the drinks and towel. Apparently, I could run 7 rounds. Hmm, not too bad!

There are some peoples exercising too. Maybe from their company, since it’s crowded. One of them asked me,
“Sist, are you a pupil or an athlete?”

“An athlete, Sir”

“What kind of athlete?’

“Tennis player”

“oooh, just a stamina training ya?”

I answered with smile, “ya, like that.”

And I was thinking,
“really an athlete. Am I? Why I wasn’t answered that I’m a pupil? Instead I become a student next month?”
Hahaha, very funny I think. Even I never thought that I will be a pupil!

There also are asked,
“Why are you run, sist?”

“to thin out my body, miss!”

“ahh, your body is already good, sist!”

Hah? She told me that my body is GOOD? Is this the praise or satire? Hhahaa. At least, there are also people who want to praise me. So touched! (Lebaiiiii abeesss!)

Enough! Hopefully tomorrow I am more excited again undergo this diet program. Hhehee.

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