List of the attractive guys

Monday, May 17, 2010

This is my list of the attractive men. Hhaha, tumben yaah gw bikin post gini. Gw sempet googling jg buat cari tau biografi + pics tentang mereka. They are:

*The handsome guys:

 Soren Bregendall (C21)

Chace Crawford

 *The coolest guys:

 Penn Badgley

Lee Ryan

Nicky (Westlife)

 *The sexiest guy:

Enrique Iglesias

*The sporty guy:

 Leyton Hewitt

*Asian favorite guys:

 Daniel Wu

Nicholas Tse

Huang Xiao Ming

*The Funniest Guy:

Owen Wilson

 Stephen Chow

*The Indonesian guys:

Evan Sanders

 Al Fathir

 Kevin Aprilio

Huuaah, keren yaah?
That's the hottest male on dRezuecism's version. How about yours?

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