Old Billiton: Cape and Bay

Hello everyone! I I have delaying for a long to make this post. Maybe you just find some holiday photos on my Instagram, but not completely clear.

It was December in Belitung, I spent the Christmas holiday with my travel buddies Thomas, Like and her friends. Okay, I realize I would never get my teenage back. But you have to know that if you want to look younger, so you have to play with kids some peoples who's much younger than you :p In fact, we were the cool kids with many different ages come to blend in a salty vacation!

Who can say 'NO' to the beach? Especially if you are in Belitung Island, the Indonesian Maldives, they called. Wherever you go from North to South, from East to West, we are talking about beach, cape, or bay, and not to miss the rocks!
Do you know that the 'Old Billiton' (now Belitung) is a very old island which is mostly made up by meteorite rocks hundred of million years old? The name was taken from Billitonite, an unique black meteorite. This island was a mountain during the last Glacial period and was extensively eroded to produce layers of quartz sands and thick tin-rich placer deposits!

Nowadays Belitung becomes a favorite destination since their debut as the shooting location for 'Laskar Pelangi' movie. But even in high season, it was still sleep quietly. Seems like they still keep the local cultures and not really into a modern city. The passing vehicle just once in a while. Maybe you can try to sit down the road and make coffee :p 
Oh, don't expect you'll find daily things easily here. There is no branded mart, but simple grocery store. Talking about culinary, it's hard to find fast food or fine dining here, but seafood as the culinary king! Either at the restaurant in city area, cross sidewalk, even in tourist area along the sea side. The special one is 'fried crab'! They looked like the mainstream fried foods, until you try a bit!
Tanjung Kelayang

Come to snorkel from Tanjung Kelayang Beach, where coral reefs, marine, and the underwater life was there. White sands and the big size granites become the magnificent scenery of the landscape. You might also see the Lengkuas Island, Burung Island, and many tiny islands in a row. Truly archipelago!

Lengkuas Island is one of the famous destination to be visited. They have an old lighthouse to see the full panoramic view (360 degree) of the island. You just need to take more than 300 steps up to reach the top and see the blue water with white granites and thousands of tiny island in harmony. But we  (the girls) were too lazy to go upstairs, so we decided to see the view from the best coast. Hahaha. Seeing the beach view from the top of a cliff sprayed by sea mist was also a highlight!

We went by a motor-boat, with a heavy sea waves splashed over our face. In the middle of the trip, all get wet from up to toe even before we jump into the sea. Better to protect your gadget in bag if you don't want it to be wet or plunged. As the standard, we use goggle glass and life jacket for safety, remembering that we were in the waters off. I really enjoy this local aspect more than I can say. Maybe I ever go snorkel before, but pretty sure it was not as fun as this when you were with crazy friends.

Tanjung Tinggi

Another cape to go...
Enjoy the warmth of the sun on top of the big size river stones, as well as the turquoise sea-water, and the bunch of red algae on the sea side. There are many street vendors sell the coconut ice drink, nice to know this hidden little paradise under the mangroves area. To find a beautiful spot to taking photos, be careful when climb up the stones from side to side.

Tanjung Pendam

Next cape... It's the perfect place to waiting the sun begins to set. Belitung countdown! I believe that Belitung is one of the most magical islands to feast one's eyes on, especially in its golden hour. It has its tones when all the colors mix together in such an unique way and create the beautiful violet haze like in cotton candy dreamland!

By the way, we spent time by playing a quick game about stick and songs while waiting for sunset. Prepare your fancy games to avoid the boredom.

Rainbow Troops!

Didn't forget to visit the Rainbow Troops school in Gantong.

But wait, I'll keep this story until next post. A study trip over the salty trip?
To be continued...

Happy New You

Coming back from my 2 months hiatus!
Sorry for not posting anymore since October, because I have a lot of things to do. But, I think it's not too late to wishing you a very happy New Year 2016! New year means the new you.

I ended the year in somewhere in South of Sumatera, a little Indonesian Maldives, call it Bangka-Belitung. That are two different island, and a lil bit different culture, both of them are most magical. The hidden paradise, heaven on earth. This is just a little sneak peek of it's view:

No more spoiler.
I will tell my holiday story later in my next post...

This post belongs to my new year reflection which is always same as the last, and several previous years. Hahaha. I have no resolution. I didn't see the effectiveness of changing our mindset or habit if only just words. No. What happened in the future is depend on your action now. So, I just do the right thing that makes me happy. I'm a simply normal person who can find happiness anytime, anywhere. If I list that things of what make me happy, there's alot! But I can think some...

Laugh about unimportant things with my siblings.
Lay in my bed all weekend long.
Got involved in any sport activity.
Call my parents and tell them everything what I did in a whole day.
Buy a bottle of soda drinks in canteen.
A campus escape then going home quickly.
Know that a mini mart near house still selling vegetarian onigiri.
Watch streaming of NET TV.
Listening 90's songs.
Read the comments from a random follower on my Instagram.
Hear my lecturer call my name, so I know that she/he remember me among thousands of students.
Stalk my favorite figure's social account.
Nice to know there's at least a friend who never mind taking my #ootd pictures.
Get a message from my potential patient/clients.
Get an invitation from missing friend, whatever a birthday, graduation, or wedding celebration.
Find a highlight in my email among thousands of spams.
Touch the clear water sea, that makes me want to continue my goal to see and explore the wonders of the world, hmmm at least in domestic area.
Get many cooperative patient abundantly, so I can completing the requirement cases then finish my study as soon as possible.
And many more. . .

“To me, the goal has always been to create something that makes me happy…
To live in the moment and enjoy every minute of life. To learn from everyone and everything around. To practice gratitude and mindfulness every day.”

Short Weekend Escape

Sorry I haven't had a lot of free time to review my travel posts at Bali Island 3 weeks ago. But I'm glad to share at least a few before too late.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this is such a weekend escape to attending my best friend's wedding party. We just spend 2 nights at a hotel in Jimbaran Hills. A very short trip I know. Because at the same time, I have to work my clinical life, and I don't want too over budget :p

That's why we just traveled around some tourist attractions that near by the hotel, one of the closest is Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Park. It's not my first time there, either my friends Sthefani and Margareth. So, what we had to do was just remembering some beauty spots to take photos.

He is Andre, from Aussie. He joined our tour around GWK, because we saw he was alone walking due to her grandma was sick. How cool that there's still a young boy today who want to invite his grandmother to go with. Then we didn't forget to take a photo with him :D

We cannot go too far, because in the same day we have to prepare to attending the party at afternoon. The party was fantastic! (read my previous post)

In another day, my friends and I didn't take the same flight to return. Because I was alone who have to be back to Medan, while others to Jakarta. So I didn't go along with them. I was looking for a beach which is nearby the airport, and Kuta Beach is the right answer! Then enjoying my beach life before it's time to go back to the city. Got my temporary tattoo and took some photos. Believe it or not, these photos were taken by some tourists around the beach I asked for help to capturing me. Hahaha seriously! I can be this kind of crazy if talking about travel photos.

Oh please ignore my bad hair day or uncontrolled face...
The result was surprising me! Different peoples with many different styles of capturing the photos. Some good, some bad, and others just xoxo. But I think, not bad at all. Beside got some photos, I also have the opportunity to share about my hometown in Sumatera and listened that they enjoyed their holiday here, and sharing the different culture. We talked a lot. Actually I feel shy to ask stranger people there at first, and I just remember one of them said, 

"Oh no problem, it's okay as long as you don't offer me to learn surfing, surfing, and surfing. Hahaha"

LOL! As you know, Kuta is the world's Surfing Paradise, many surfers come here to be able to feel the powerful waves and oceans wild. Many locals also teach surfing for beginners, but in my case it was disturbing. They are too many, and too imposing us to join their class. In my opinion, surf is a kind of extreme sport that can not be learned by simple short course as that. 
Tips for tourist: Prepare your best rejection!

At the end, I realize that my weekend would never be this easy...