Synchronize Fest 2017

This is my first music festival in town. As their tagline "It's not just a festival, it's a movement", #SynchronizeFest17 was totally amazing. A little regret because we can't attend on Day 2 because of family event. But believe me, the three days full of music, party peoples, and insanity were go on and on. Can't believe we survived although kinda tiring on the last day.

It was a festival for all the senses, all music genres are here from pop, ska, reggae, classic, indie, rock, folks, until electronic dance. So different from what we normally see at other concerts, music festival is the best reason to discover some new, there are so many awesome talents out there. Listen to some of the bands on the lineup that we never heard of before. We never know who else musician or what music genre that we will love!


He seem so bold at stage, make us want to watch him. I enjoy every performance on Day 1, even though the artists are not my priority. Tulus is one of the singer who had the strong lyric, very poetic and gentle to motivate. He was also very humble and modest with generated fashion like everyday clothes. I like his personality as well.

No doubt, this band is the idol of today's millenial generation. I wasn't included of course, but I enjoy every songs because the musics are easy listening and related to daily romance. The artist also very attractive and good looking, so I can't keep my eyes off of them.

My favorite ska band since elementary school! The reason why I came to the festival was to watch their performance. Can't believe they just celebrate their 22nd anniversary last month, they seem so young and lively, but still the same as I saw them on TV when I was kid.
Listening to their song again makes me feel nostalgic. I love listening their music because they have special instrument in it, that's trombone and saxophone! The crowd also very fun, the most energetic and powerful crowd we have ever encountered. X-friends they called their fans. A simple act like sharing mineral water from the stage to the front row X-friends makes me feel the intimate between the artist and fans. We dance and sing along together on every single song from beginning to the end.

It can boost my first impression when we arrived in front of stage and see the respectful crowds of SID. Maybe tired or whatever, they just sit down and listening the performance in order. The vocalist didn't forget warning us to stay safe when running home late night before the last song. I amazed when he say that to show his care to their fans.


Another reason why I attend on day 3. This band is my favorite, even before I listened to their hits. The only local band I know each personnel's name completely. Maybe I just love their sense of humor, all personnel can make you laugh. A lot of years already, their personnel have been reduced, some decided to out of band, but their old songs are still in my playlist in 2017!

Another favorite line up, who doesn't love them?!
Kahitna is the real romantic boyband, the boys next door that still exist. Their song lyric and tones also so hypnotized, I feel like really in a city but mentally in the clouds! Hahaha. Unfortunately we can't see their completed performance from the beginning, because of not a great timing. Can't decided which one to choose between Club 80's or Kahitna actually, but we choose Club 80's first because Kahitna have a long live journey and there will be another upcoming projects to watch, but maybe not for Club 80's.
Watching a little bit performance are enough to treat our longing to them because they were performing the best!

Call me just following the hype nowadays. Folks music isn't my cup of tea of music actually. I try to listen and understand the deep meanings, but still I can't falling in love with the songs and the band also. They sing some of their hits, and I don't know anything. I have no idea why I keep watching their performance to be honest, but I've been stuck among the human crowd. I'm really sorry, but they do the great performance.

This band was not on top of our priority at first, we watched 'em just for waiting the interval between another our favorite lineups...and who knows? We falling in love with the band! And the music definitely.
I know their song for years, and never dreaming to watch their performance someday. I keep on watching because their band name is so popular and productive until this day, but the vocalist, David Bayu...seem so hot day by day. They announced that will be releasing a new album the next few months, their new single was played on the stage too that night. Aaaak can't move on from David's charm!

As everybody knows, SLANKERS are real fans. Never know their performance before, but it's quite brilliant, full of energy and crowd. I just saw them for a little while, maybe 1 or 2 songs of pop-rock music.
Kaka as vocalist say something great to appreciate their fans,
"Compared to unnecessary awards, better be awaited by all of you guys until this late night hour..."
The euphoria was real, but I have to leave quickly because I need to watch my fave lineup on another stage next to.

Always love Glenn's voice since his debut in 90's. He ended up the festival fantastically that night. Although he had the same timing with fabulous pop-rock band, Slank, but the crowd also lively to the fullest.
"Being in the same event and perform next to my amazing brothers' (SLANK) stage is a blessing to me. Let's we sing along together..."
- Glenn Fredly

"Ku tak bisa....
Jauh... Darimu...."

Then the Glenn's audience continue to sang a piece of lyric from Slank's hits guided by Glenn himself.
At the moment we realize that music is all about respect. Two different genre and style combined as one to end the weekend. I believe that other audience feel very satisfied and maybe it will be a memorable festival for them same as the way I feel.

Met my old buddy @celliaelisabeth between the crowd!
It's like find a diamond in a hopeless place, aaakk I was so excited...

I think that's what music festivals are for. It's for the music lovers who aren't afraid to still let their inner kid shine. It's to entertain the thirsty souls in a city like Jakarta. Overall, the music made it well worth those long lines to the food trucks and sticky crowds. We plopped down to every grassy dance floor and shouted to favorite singles. 
Still can't move on and will never be! See ya next year...

Dancing under the Moonlight

If you frequently visit my writing, you must know that I really love the beach however it is. Living in archipelago means you have an extra bond with the sea and waves. That's what our country has.

So this time I had an opportunity to visit beaches in Java island, which I had never considered before, because the island is more focused on art and culture than the nature itself.
It were Parangtritis and Indrayanti beaches. What makes those special were because I visited at the middle of the night, exactly at 12 am or more. I can see clearly even there's no light on that beach. But when it comes to the dark photography, I'm sorry I'm not that capable.

As an human being, I do believe in magic. There's still local belief that says Java's beach is inhabited by the queen of the sea. Some restrictions still ringing in my brain when I visited, but let us don't be that paranoid, just be assured that there will be no bad things happened when we didn't do anything bad to damage the environment surrounds.

Forgive my insanity, I blame my uncontrolled endorphin hormones when I saw beaches. Here comes the girl who turn into a completely different person when she's dancing...

My ears listen on every waves roar...
My nose loves to smell the stinky of the sea,
even when my eyes can't see the blue in the darkness
My skin lazily join the breeze into the droplets of seashores,
even when no shadows hiding beneath on my feet

When the splinter of moonlight welcomes the night, right before the city waking up....
...let's dancing in the dark like no body's watching!

After Grad

It has been a semester since my graduation ceremony, but I haven't post about it yet.

Thank you for those text books and journals! My imagination grew from the library visits, and my writing skills today have been influenced from all those years with my nose stuck in a book.
Thank you my study gangs, for all discuss, argue, and craziness during those tiring preparation days. Congratulation Dentists, finally we made it!

That's what graduation is all about... Love and pain, but it's worth every bit!

Honestly since that day, I just feel free to do anything what I want. And maybe that's why I feel no longer enthusiastic about my next goal than I used to be. When I was a student, I know what I want exactly, I can see my goal be graduate. That's it. But after it was accomplished, then what's next? Is that really what I want after all this time?

Since that day... all lecturers and senior doctors seem different when looking at us. They're no longer in the mood of killing, nor testing our capability anymore. They place themselves respectively as our colleagues, as friends to share knowledge, and as partners to discuss all medical case with.

I won't forget to remember all my teachers, mentors, and peoples next to me who care enough to teach me all the lessons I need to learn. I will remember it in my life all the trouble during my college and co assistant life. All glisters and blisters that happened. Sometimes they can be painful too, but I believe we are here to learn and grown on the inside and especially in the difficult times we grow the most.

I only believe that it all used to be easier, but when I really think back I realize it was more difficult to be graduate without knowing what's ahead. It was difficult living as a professional because everything was so new and I could take nothing for granted. I had so much future ahead of me that it was challenge enough to live in the moment. It wasn't always easy because there were plenty of situations where I needed to show all my courage.

I never imagine that finally I entered this industry. I wasn't a pundit. I wasn't a journal addict. I didn't want to be a part of medical industry at all. I wasn't doing it full-time until this year, because I was always putting sport and another interests first.
I think it's like a lifetime learning. Working in medical line means a full-time dedication to always be updated, because the science and technology can change so quickly.

Since that day... I walk my path without any burden to the place where I belong.
Since that day... I realize that I supposed to living on the next aspire in this life. No need to compare it with the past, but moving on.
Since that day... I could start to appreciate my current profession.

As for me in this moment, there is still that rebellious girl who comes late running in the corridor just before the lecturer passes the class door almost every day. There is still so much of that student athlete which are often granted some dispensations for not joining academic activities while they could enjoy the uni tournaments. The issue was that I wasn't that good at the eyes of manners and attitude. But I'm proud of the person I am today, because I went through one hell of a time becoming ME.

Right now, I don't feel like I have to just do one job. I have fun with different jobs, to engage with new professional challenges for quite some time now, and I really enjoy how it makes me feel as a person. I have dared to try new things out, and seeing where my path leads me...